Lijfrente Sparen - no support from agressive spokesman SNS

  • 14 augustus 2019
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After many years of trusting my money in the hands of SNS regarding a “Lijfrente Sparen” the time has come where I must request the SNS to pay out my accumulated money. In all good faith I contacted the spokesman in the department for “Lijfrente Sparen” . What a disappointment. Naturally the procedures for this are new to me. I friendly indicated what my wishes are to the responsible spokesman and requested if he support and let me know the procedures. Very unfriendly with a tone of authority he indicated that I can find all information on the website and if I needed a meeting to discuss this it would cost Euro 125.00 per hour and if I requested to compile a plan for letting the money be paid out it would cost Euro 750.00. Further if I had any questions I must go to the website and there I will find the procedures. He indicated if I want to have no meeting and no plan I can take a test to see if I was capable and have enough knowledge to administer my own money. This was the procedure and there was no exception. There was also no room for discussion. Following I requested my accountment to call in my presence. My accountant received the same treatment, unfriendly, no communication, authority minded and go to the website for information. I was under the impression it was my money which I put into trust by the SNS for many years, apparently the spokesman at SNS thinks in another way. I request from the SNS a mediator as to ask support from the help desk spokesman is impossible. I am going to take every possible action to ensure that this is solved, official excuses from the SNS Bank and the responsible spokesman is trained how to speak to clients and is called to order. Untill now nothing has been solved and the SNS still has possession of my money and I still cannot arrange for payment for my own money. These procedures will be solved as I am going to request support from the Disputes Committee Banks. What will not be solved is the aggressive, not helping spokesman by the department “Lijfrente Sparen”. The spokesman would not give his name.
The above is an unbelievable situation suggestions are welcome from persons with the same experience.

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I'm sorry to hear you had bad experience.

There are different ways to have a "Lijfrente" paid out and each have their own fiscal consequences. For this reason, SNS (and all other Dutch banks and insurance companies) are required by law to either:
  • Give you detailed advice for your specific personal situation, for which they charge costs
  • Make you take a test and sign a waiver, so you accept the consequences of foregoing advice.
It is unfortunate they weren't more cooperative. Perhaps the language barrier had something to do with this.
If you have your own accountant (it seems that way from your post) you can probably consult him for the best way to do proceed. Maybe he will advise you to go with the second option and go from there.

Best of luck and keep us posted.
Dear Sanne,

Thanks for the reaction. Much appreciated. I am fluent in Dutch but better in English. Language there is no language barrier. I am full aware of the procedures that the bank should follow. My account can carry this out with myself, I do not require a second opinion. Just to give you a bit of background of myself, I am director of a company with offices in Netherlands, China, Berlin and USA. Quality and accessibility of persons are a motto of our company. Unfortunately SNS does not put accent on the personal aspects. You and you colleagues are the foundation of the company not the managers or directors. If the spokesman operated in our company he would be replaced or given another function so relations and corporate identity could not be damaged. I should have received an e-mail so I can fill in the so called test. As yet I have received nothing e mail address : xxx This is known by SNS. I will keep you informed and the reaction from the organizations I have contacted concerning this.

Is it possible to set up a telephine call with a responsible persoon as mediator to discuss this. Please take into account the origianl spokesman I had on the line is no option.

From my office in China: Those who act in harmony with their environment rarely encounter resistance.


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Dear @Donner,

Despite the disappointing experience with SNS, a kind welcome to the community. I am very sorry for the way things are going. I would like to offer the help you need. In connection with your privacy, I have made your e-mail address invisible in your last message. To help you properly, I would like to receive a message with: your dutch zip code, home number, place of residence in the Netherlands and your date of birth. Can you send this information in an e-mail to ? For the attention of Evelyn. You have my attention, I will help you to sort things out.

@Sanne Dankjewel voor je reactie, fijn dat je onze klant goed hebt opgevangen.
Dear Evelyn,

I have sent you an e-mail with my particulars. What I require is the promised e-mail with the application form.

Thank you for your co-operation


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Dear @Donner,

Thank you for your quick response, I've received your e-mail and immediately replied. Soon you will be contacted by a colleague to help you with your Lijfrente Sparen question.